Justifying Your Eco-Purchases: A Checklist

If you shop at grocery stores, pharmacies, specialty stores, or pretty much anywhere that sells goods, you have been beckoned to be a green consumer with promises that the product you’re buying is “compostable,” “biodegradable,” or “natural.” If you’ve purchased these products I am sure you have left the store feeling as if you have… More Justifying Your Eco-Purchases: A Checklist

Bye Bye Boardie

December 15, 2009 marked a significant day in the history of waste management and recycling in California. The California Integrated Waste Management Board, after a 20 year run, held their last Board meeting in Byron Sher Auditorium in the California Environmental Protection Agency. It is ironic that the last meeting should take place in that… More Bye Bye Boardie

Keepin’ it Simple, and Natural with Scott – The Anaerobic Digestion Question

The waste world is perfecting one of the most natural biological processes that occur on this earth, Anaerobic Digestion, or AD if you’re in the know. I don’t know much about the human body’s digestion process, the extent of my knowledge goes something like this: I love food, I eat food, the food finds my… More Keepin’ it Simple, and Natural with Scott – The Anaerobic Digestion Question

A Banana Peel By Any Other Name…

Shakespeare, although talented and prolific probably didn’t have banana peels, coffee grounds, and cardboard pizza boxes in mind when he wrote Romeo and Juliet, but I have to respectfully disagree with William’s historic metaphor.  In the recycling, reuse and resource recovery world, labeling is everything. For example:  I was recently on an airplane where I… More A Banana Peel By Any Other Name…