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Plastics: Why We Should Reduce Before Recycling

Plastics are strange materials. They come from a synthetic, or partially synthetic material made from polymers that don’t really ever...


From Food to Fuel: How Recology Portland & JC-Biomethane Create Renewable Energy From Food Scraps

                By Greg Moore Operations Manager Recology Portland Recology Oregon Recovery, located in...


Recycle Unwanted Clothing and Textiles in San Francisco

What do tote bags, oven mitts, chair cushions, carpet padding, and rugs have in common? They can all be made...


What it Means to Work for An Employee Owned Company

You’ll notice that many of our newsletters and printed materials say something along the lines of, “Proudly Employee Owned,” or...


Make Art, Not Landfill: The 25th Anniversary of the Recology Artist in Residence Program

Location Thoreau Center for Sustainability Presidio Building 1014 (Lincoln Blvd. and Torney Ave.), San Francisco 94129 Date/Time Exhibition: June 8-September...

Senior Center Pantry - Load 7-1 (1120 lbs)

Recology Oregon Compost Organizes 3rd Annual Community Garden and Food Donations

By:  Jon Thomas Operations Manager Recology Oregon Compost (Nature’s Needs) Recology Oregon Compost, also known as Nature’s Needs, is an...


Recology San Francisco Artist in Residence Exhibitions: Work by Michael Arcega, Ma Li and Eden V. Evans

The Artist in Residence Program at Recology San Francisco will host an exhibition and reception for current artists-in-residence Michael Arcega,...

Recology Recyclables

Recycling Economics: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

John Porter, Recology Guest Blogger San Francisco Region Group Controller Since I started at Recology a few years ago, one...


Funky Family Restaurant, “Squeeze In,” Opens in Redwood City with 88% Diversion

Blog post courtesy of Recology San Mateo County Waste Zero Specialist, Angela Goebel. “You’re sitting at our table,” says co-owner...


Recycling and Composting for the Greater Good