Welcome to the Recology blog!

It is meant to be a resource for our customers and the general public to learn about our mission, operations, and community activities.

Last April we changed our corporate name to Recology from the Norcal Waste Systems to better reflect our company’s direction and passion. The new name, which draws from the “recycle, reduce reuse” waste reduction strategy that gained popularity in the 1980s and the word “ecology”, reflects our ambition to move away from a culture of disposal and towards a sustainable future.

Our future is focused on maximizing our resources and wasting less, with the ultimate goal of developing a system where we “waste zero”. Waste zero embraces and embodies the concepts of environmental, social and economic sustainability. So far, we have achieved a diversion rate of 72% in San Francisco (the highest in the country) and employed multiple strategies to go beyond this level. The most recent progress towards our local “waste zero” goal was the establishment of mandatory composting in San Francisco.


We hope to take this attitude to our other operating areas to help them achieve their sustainability goals. This blog will be an avenue to share information about Recology as well as to explore general concepts of sustainability, materials reuse and recovery, consumer practices and the like. The goal is to help employees, customers and community members develop a better understanding of the function of the waste and materials recovery industries, how the current systems work for you and your environment and things that you can do to help shape its course. The blog environment will be a neutral place to explore related links and resources, see what people are saying about various topics related to “waste zero”, and to participate in the ongoing dialogue.

We will be reporting on and exploring various topics including recycling, the environment, technology, our community inside Recology and beyond, and many other topics. We look forward to working with you to develop this blog to be as entertaining, informational and beneficial to you as it can be.

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