Beat LA! Compost updates

With the Giants missing post season play once again, I am relegated to dwell on the past and dream of 2010 glory and accolades.  The pitching seemed to outshine all other play.  Jonathan Sanchez threw a “perfect” no hitter, Zito had his most promising season to date as a Giant, Brad Penny lit a late fire on the mound and management survived another 6 month season.   We were missing bats to back up our arms, but all and all it was a solid season that I thoroughly enjoyed and know that we’ll have our time.  We’re building. 

The ball park looked good this year too. The gulls were on good behavior and the trash and recycling was well under control.  Management started announcing recycling efforts in the late innings and fans responded.  I read an entertaining article that reminded me of this.  Some stats:

  • LA has a diversion rate of 65%
  • San Francisco is at 72%
  • The national average is listed at 59% 

The same article discloses that LA does not formally recognize SF as a “major US city” and therefore claims to have the highest diversion rate in the US.  The subjective rationale for this assertion is addressed in the article and appropriately emphasizes that SF is leading the charge in trash diversion and reduction.   

Our recycling and composting efforts are being noticed nationwide as cities and communities push to reach mandated diversion percentages.  San Franciscans have embraced this necessary change and incorporated it into all facets of our local culture, including the ball games, and changed our standards of living for the better.   Recology has complimented this effort with the curbside organics collection, state of the art recycling facilities and a roll out of community based programs anchored on a “Zero Waste” target.  The successes of San Francisco’s efforts are reflected in the 72% measurement. 

Hats off to you SF for keeping this place as special as it is!  Let’s continue to push as a team towards maximum diversion and, of course, beat LA!


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