“Spring Cleaning – Trash = Recycling”

It’s a new season: fresh air, new ideas… maybe even the chance to learn new habits like recycling in the midst of your spring cleaning.  Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to becoming “anew” as old habits die and new habits come alive.

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “Americans accumulated 250 million tons of trash in 2008 and recycled or composted only 33% of it”. Successful spring cleaning is achieved when the “trash” doesn’t contribute to our landfill quotas. Instead, families can contribute to their local communities just by doing a bit of research regarding the proper disposal (recycling) of old clothes, e-waste, and reuse old houseware products such as paper, buttons, jewelry and wood.

While keeping these “green” options in mind, Recology’s focus is on waste elimination through the highest and best use of reclaimed resources. We provide a collection service for bulky items through RecycleMyJunk.com. This service now accepts clothes, furniture, computers, appliances and other large items.

By recycling your items, you are contributing in a positive way to your communities, including nonprofit organizations and thrift stores for people in need.

Let’s RECYCLE the old, BRING in the new!

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  • hi Recology! I’m curious if you have any data on either the total tonnage or percent of landfill and, separately, recycling, waste that you collect consists of phone books. You may know CA Senator Leland Yee has introduced SB 920 which originally required directory publishers to switch to an “opt-in” model wherein the default would be that people did NOT receive directories (the language has since then changed to “opt out”). The Yellow Pages Association opposes this, partly because they assert that people do in fact recycle phone books (as opposed to tossing them for landfill disposal). But I wonder just how much phone book waste is going to the recycling stream, and how much is going to the landfill?

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