560,000 Tons to Go…

This week San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom took time out to commend some of the 1,000+ Recology employees in San Francisco that helped acheive the 77% diversion rate for the city in 2009.

In a press release dated August 27th, the Mayor’s office explained that the 77% diversion rate for the city sets a new record in the United States. 1.6 million tons that would have gone to a landfill were instead recycled, composted, reused or donated. 

The other 560,000 tons of  “garbage” that was generated by San Francisco’s residents and tourists went to a landfil in 2009. That’s quite a lot of material, which is why cultivating the right habits and educating others about landfill diversion is so important.

Congratulations to Recology Sunset Scavanger, Recology Golden Gate, and Recology San Francisco for bringing us a little closer to the goal of zero waste!

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