Climate Action Leadership

Recology is named Climate Action Leader

 Some time ago, Recology got a letter from the California Climate Action Registry. It said:

I am writing to inform you that we have reviewed your verified GHG emissions inventories and found they meet the standards of our General Reporting Protocol Version 3.1. We are pleased to accept your emissions report at the California Climate Action Registry. For completing this effort, we grant you the status of Climate Action Leader…   Congratulations on completing the reporting process! We commend you for your hard work in gathering and calculating the necessary information, and your organization for its participation in the country’s most rigorous voluntary GHG reporting program. 

We are proud, we are happy, we were… hopeful that the annual United Nations climate change conference, held in Cancun, Mexico this year, would show more definitive results and demonstrate the leadership that other stakeholders are taking in the negotiations process.

In particular, the much-discussed Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) program highlights one of the many conflicts among the debate stakeholders. Although the program is said to set aside tens of billions of dollars per year to prevent forests from being cut down by making them worthy of granting carbon offsets, there are also unintended consequences.

First, REDD prevents large greenhouse gas generators in developed countries from curtailing their own emissions by allowing them an out of sorts. They do not have to change what may be highly polluting practices.  Second, REDD penalizes the indigenous communities that live in and sustain themselves via the forests that REDD seeks to keep out of human hands.

 Despite that, it is a good sign that the 193 nations that participated in the negotiations in Cancun came to consensus on some of the issues. And anyway, whether you believe in climate change and global warming or not, it doesn’t hurt to be more efficient in our use of natural resources like coal, oil, and natural gas. And, like in Recology’s case, it doesn’t hurt to be recognized for those efforts either.

We are proud to be among the Climate Action Leaders in our country.

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