A Simple Resolution

In the dust covered years of my teens, I recall struggling each January to create goals and resolutions for the new year.  My father would sit me down with pen and paper and challenge me to create a goal and envision my success in each challenge laid out on the page.  With the absence of so many of life’s responsibilities and experiences, my mind often strained to manifest meaningful and tangible goals.   At the time, I was certain that I would forever loath the process.  It’s with many thanks that I can now look back and I say, as with so many opinions and certainties in youth, that I was wrong. 

Source: PeachyGreen.com

Making resolutions and goals these years have been much easier and enjoyable.  The process has been shaped with age, with experience, the honing and development of self and the introduction and influence of loved ones brought into and lost from my life.  Simple questions like “How can I be a better partner, father or friend this year?” drive resolutions and goals.   “What can I do to be a better role model for my family?”  Recology and the communities we serve have helped to shape my first goal for 2011. 

This year my family and I have resolved to not purchase water bottled in plastic.  Billions of bottles are purchased and tossed each year.  Some places and people, due to geography, natural disasters or other influences, depend on bottled water to live.  That’s fair and good, but that is not our reality here in San Francisco, so we are respectfully bowing out of the market. 

The safety measures applied to our tap water have been well documented and persuasive enough to earn our participation.  If you live in San Francisco or the Bay Area, you probably get the same mailer on the Hetch Hetchy water source and the state of California’s water supply.  It’s a good read with a lot of useful information about one of our most precious resources.  There is an abundance of materials out there on the industry and the commodity drinking water has become.  If you too have an interest, check out your local library, search what’s posted online or poke around.  You might join in setting a similar simple resolution to reduce the plastics in your life.

Happy 2011 folks!

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