Hello Spring!

Got your clean on?

When it comes to cleaning, many of us don’t realize that our day to day lives are loaded with toxic substances that were designed to make life easier. The average home uses 40 pounds of chemicals each year and stores more than 60 hazardous products!

Ironically, many common household cleaning products are actually classified as hazardous waste. Hazardous chemicals endanger the environment by contaminating our groundwater, lakes and oceans. They can also be dangerous to our own health. A study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) showed that many homes in the U.S. had chemical levels that were 70 times higher than that of the air outside. And 1 in 3 people suffer from allergies, asthma, sinusitis or bronchitis. Reducing synthetic chemicals in the home can greatly reduce symptoms.

Keep reading to learn more about healthier and environmentally responsible alternatives to kick off your spring cleaning!


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