Recologizing Yuba and Sutter Counties

The 121 Recology Yuba-Sutter employees are working to positively impact a community that they call home and that can easily be overlooked.

The company promotes and takes part in over 150 events, activities and programs each year in the Yuba and Sutter Counties. Recology Yuba-Sutter employee-owners volunteer as coaches, board members, community event planners and supporters. Among their programs and activities in 2011 are spaghetti feeds, school programs, regular tours of the recycling facility, and a three-year commitment to Shady Creek Outdoor Education Foundation through the Recology Invitational. Shady Creek Outdoor Education Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization that removes the financial barriers to the Shady Creek Outdoor Education Program. This year, 1,800 eighth grade students attended Shady Creek’s week-long outdoor environmental education camp.

2010 Spaghetti Feed Stats
Ingredients used:

  • 1,080 gallons of sauce
  • 2,700 pounds of spaghetti
  • 2,040 pounds of lettuce
  • 6,750 rolls
Held at:

  • 18 school sites
  • For 9 non-profit community groups

Read more about the work being done by Recology Yuba-Sutter in the April, 2011 issue of Yuba-Sutter Business Today.

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