Recycled Resources for Artists

One of the missions of the Artist in Residence Program at Recology is to encourage children and adults to think about how they might use recycled materials in their own lives. Artists-in-residence use materials gleaned from our public disposal area, where all materials are hand-sorted for recycling, and a recent Recology Art Lab has enabled elementary school students to also make art from recycled materials. Here in the Bay Area there are many great sources of recycled materials. While many people are familiar with Building Resources and Urban Ore which provide recycled building materials and larger second-hand objects such as furniture, there are also organizations that focus on providing recycled materials for craft and art projects.

Scrap in San Francisco and the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse in Oakland are two such organizations that see a steady stream of eclectic materials pass through their doors and into the hands of creative folks. Both these organizations offer special curriculum or workshops for school teachers as well as discounts, since many California state teachers are now responsible for buying their own art supplies. Scrap and the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse are also non-profits and excellent places to donate reusable art and craft supplies and know that your items will be put to good use.

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