What Does Green Mean To You?

Photo by David McLeish via flickr.com

What is “being green”? Does it mean you dye your hair green or wear green clothes?

Or does it mean you are reducing your environmental footprint? We hope so!

“Being green” can be as simple as turning the water off when you brush your teeth! Are you green when you donate your clothes to a local non-profit? Yes! What if the switch broke on my vacuum cleaner? If I take it to the repair shop to get it fixed? Without a doubt!

Being green doesn’t mean you need to save the world (all at once). It just means doing the small things that collectively can have a huge impact on our planet.

Check out RecycleWorks of San Mateo County’s website for things you can do at home or in the community.

Make Every Day Earth Day! Take the Earth Day 2011 Pledge.

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