Meet Recology – Rich


Recology San Francisco
Operations Manager
San Francisco, California

What year did you start working at Recology?

I began working for Sunset Scavenger in 1970. I have a long family history with our company: both my paternal and maternal grandfathers were founding partners of Sunset Scavenger Company. My father worked for Sunset as well as all of my uncles, both maternal and paternal. I remember, as a child going out with my father on his route… I started out as a summer worker while I was working on my history degree at USF. After I graduated, I continued working full time for Sunset as a garbage collector.

Envirocal (our corporate parent at that time), had stopped selling shares in the late 1960s, and when they began selling, I was one of the first people to buy a share, which I bought from my uncle who had passed away in 1971…

Can you talk about your career with Recology?

I had the opportunity to work for a subsidiary, Stockton Scavenger Company, and was in charge of operational development, a project that lasted about two years, on and off. In 1996 I applied for a managerial position with Sunset. In 2000, I began to work for Golden Gate in Debris Box Sales, but in 2001 I moved back to Sunset and worked as Sunset’s commercial manager. Currently, I am working as the Debris Box Division Manager for Recology San Francisco Box Services.

What kind of changes have you seen happen within the company during your career here?

I have witnessed a lot of changes during my years here….

I have seen the progression the company has made with their recycling practices. In the 1950s, when we were still using our open box trucks, everything was dumped in the back of the truck. During this time we recycled almost everything because we had a guy that would sit in the back of the truck and sort all of our recyclables… In the 1980s all of that began to change with the passage of AB939, which mandated that all cities in the state of California divert 50% of their trash away from the landfills by the year 2000. After this law, our company began to set more aggressive recycling goals.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I have greatly enjoyed my time working here and am appreciative that I have been able to see this company as a whole through a variety of angles. I have worked for many different subsidiaries and in the capacity of various positions. Because of this I have been able to learn, and see the best that each subsidiary has to offer, and the areas in which they excel.

I am grateful for the learning opportunity that Recology has provided me with.

Rich was one of more than 150 Recology employees who volunteered their time to repaint,
create a garden and paint a mural at the San Francisco Bayview Hunters Point YMCA.

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