Seeds for the future at the fair

This year marks the 77th San Mateo County Fair. There will be lots of music—from Country to R&B (including The Four Tops and Air Supply), entertainment (pig races and a rain forest adventure in the Expo Hall), food, contests, a carnival complete with a giant roller coaster and Nitro, and for the first time a Useable Futures pavilion. Recology will have a booth there.

The Usable Futures pavilion is dedicated to sustainable living and new technologies where creative people will demonstrate what they’ve done with broken glasses, dishes, and other materials that would have gone to the local landfill. They will also display some of their functionally working devices and art made from recycled or reusable materials.

Come visit our booth and chat with us about what we and others are doing to make a positive change to our planet.

The San Mateo County Fair will be held June 11-19th, 2011.

For more information about the San Mateo County Fair and the Usable Futures exhibit, please visit


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