Meet Recology – Sharon


Recology South Bay
Contract Administrator
Santa Clara, California

How long have you worked for Recology?

I started in 1977. I did take two breaks along the way for a total of 40 months. So if you deduct that from my 34+ years, I’d have to say a looooong time.

Can you talk about your career with Recology?

My first position was in customer service as a general office clerk.

I started with Los Altos Garbage Company, now known as Recology South Bay. Since then I have worked at the corporate office, Recology South Valley, Recology Silicon Valley, and now I am with the Recology South Bay Accounting Group. In between all those jobs, I’ve had the good fortune to work directly at and with a number of our other subsidiaries.

Photo by dyobmit via flickr

What kind of changes have you seen happen within the company during your career here?

The industry has changed dramatically over the decades, and so our company has had to as well. We have obviously had to incorporate a new methodology [for what we do] and we have benefitted from being on top of our technology. What has not changed is the feeling of family that we have and the way we work together as a community.

What do you think of the Employee Stock Ownership Plan?

I think it is incredible! It is inspiring and gives more meaning to what we do.

Do you or you family recycle?

Absolutely – my children were raised doing it. In fact, while my son was away at college I used to hear complaints constantly because that town in Kentucky didn’t recycle at all. Both of my kids have spent their entire lives with this company, because I was twenty years old when I started.

Have you participated in a company volunteer event? Is so which one?

Yes, the San Jose Rose Garden event. I was one of the team captains, so I made sure that my particular team knew what they had to do. I ran around getting them water, emptying containers, and did some of the weeding and pruning as well. My daughter, her best friend and her best friend’s fiancée also participated. They are getting married at the Rose Garden by the way, so they went around thanking everyone for making the Rose Garden pretty.

Sharon Bryan was one of over 150 Recology volunteers helped to
beautify the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden, which was later recognized as

America’s Best.

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