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This summer, Siemens found that San Francisco outranked all other major cities in the U.S. and Canada in the area of environmental performance. It’s perfect score in the area of garbage, recycling and compost was due to a progressive public-private collaboration between the City of San Francisco and Recology, which was founded in San Francisco.

What makes Recology an outstanding performer of course is not just its roots. Recology is a company with commitments to the communities where our employees live and work because we are part of those communities. And we work hard—protecting our environment is serious work—but we also try to have fun.

For example, Recology Vacaville Solano was present at the Vacaville Fiesta Days Parade this past May, where the Recology Drill Team earned a First Place award in the Drill Team category and the Recology vintage garbage truck won Second Place in the Antique Car category. Recology’s Buddy Blue Toter was also a winner, taking home the First Place award in the novelty category.

Last month, as title sponsor at The Bite of Oregon, an annual festival in Portland’s waterfront organized by the Special Olympics Oregon, one Recology employee personally made sure that 400 pounds of cooked, delicious chicken leftovers from the event were donated to 3 different rescue missions.

On August 23rd, over 40 employees from Recology South Valley volunteered to clear the bike path near Gallop Drive, all the way up to Thomas Grade in Morgan Hill, California. For two and a half hours, starting at 8AM, the group raked, shoveled, and swept the bike line, clearing it of dirt, weeds, and garbage. The reason for the project was that a group of Recology South Valley employees approached their general manager about doing something for their community. These employees had read about a project in another community served by Recology and wanted to organize something for their customers, neighbors and friends.

Obviously, we care about what we do, but its also nice to be recognized once in a while too. A reporter for the Morgan Hill Times quoted the City Program Manager, Anthony Eulo, saying, “[W]e appreciate Recology’s volunteer energy and commitment to our community… We know that the residents passing East Dunne everyday will enjoy the cleaner street.”

We are proud of the work we do to make this planet a better place to live, for all of us.

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