Three things you can do this week to make life better

Last week, temperatures reached 85 degrees in Chicago. So far, there have been eight days out of 26 where the temperature was nearly 80 degrees or higher. Eight days out of 26 is 30% of the days this month so far. We’re still in March, right? Remember Chicago, the windy city? The city where people don’t go to get away from the cold?

Whether you believe that the climate is changing or not, it’s undeniable that is very strange weather indeed. And whether you believe this strange weather will impact you personally or not in the days and years to come, it doesn’t hurt anyone to consider what you can do to reduce pollution.

All across the globe, people are preparing for this year’s Earth Day celebrations on April 22nd. Because that’s still more than a month away, we encourage you to do three simple things this week for clean air, clean water, trees, birds, fish, farmlands that are neighbor to you or that serve you, sooth you or feed you, and maybe even for yourself:

1. If you live in a community where food scraps and yard trimmings are collected for composting, please compost. Compost makes it possible for people who grow food and plants in healthy soil and reduce polluting gases that emerge from organic materials that decompose in landfills.

2. Turn off all non-essential lights in your house or office, or where ever you don’t need them on for one hour this Saturday as part of the Earth Hour. 8:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. It will save you a few bucks too.

3. Pick up a bucket of compost for your backyard, front yard, your plants or landscaping. You can meet your neighbors and other people who also like to garden or grow things. It’s free.

If you live in San Francisco, this Saturday morning from 8AM to 12PM you can get up to 5 gallons of free compost at the Great Compost Giveaway. San Francisco was recently named the greenest city in North America, having composted over 1 million tons of food scraps, plants and other compostable material through Recology’s green bin recycling program. To help you close the loop and reap the benefits of composting, we invite you to join us at one of four locations throughout the city.

We will be at Alemany Farm, the Ferry Plaza, McLaren Park and the parking lot of Ocean Beach.

Learn more about the Great Compost Giveaway and register for the free event at

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