Gearing up for Earth Day

March 31st was a busy day all around the world:

· We set a record-breaking Earth Hour at 8:30PM PST. (Asia took the lead.)

· SOLV, working with Western Oregon Waste (WOW, a Recology company) collected 44,000 pounds of trash from the coast.

· Despite the rain, around 3,000 San Franciscans came out with their buckets, bags, carts and coolers to pick up free compost at the Great Compost Giveaway.

Hayes Valley Farm was happy to host the Great Compost Giveaway, since it shares Recology’s values of zero-waste and community involvement. The farm employs permaculture–a whole systems design approach to growing food and restoring natural ecologies–to minimize inputs and upcycle local waste on its 2.2 acre site in the heart of San Francisco. The photos are from the Giveaway at Hayes Valley Farm.


Now, get ready!

Recology San Mateo County and the City of San Carlos will host the next Great Compost Giveaway event on Earth Day this month.

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