Safety and efficiency are our highest priorities at Recology Ashland


Spring in Ashland, Oregon
Photo by Carissa Rogers via flickr

Recology Ashland sees safety as their primary responsibility: the safety our customers, the general public and our employees. But don’t get us wrong—we work every day to protect the environment and to provide the best possible service in the most efficient and cost-effective way. We strive to do all of this without sacrificing good customer service.

At Recology Ashland we think believe everything starts with good customer service. That is why whenever there is a special request, or any unresolved issue, we always stand prepared to meet one-on-one when necessary to discuss your needs as our customer and to work towards a mutually satisfactory solution without penalizing other rate payers and without putting people or property in harm’s way.

What about requests for special services?

We go out of our way to evaluate special service requests because we know that’s at the heart of good customer service. We evaluate them on a case-by-case basis for safety, feasibility and cost. For example, if you request not to bring your can or cart to the curb, the staff here at Recology Ashland visit your service location and meet with you to determine if you are elderly, disabled, or otherwise unable to move your recycling and garbage to the curb by yourself. If this is the case, we gladly accommodate the request. If this is not the case, we offer special services for an additional fee. (Sometimes we are not allowed to do this by contract).

If you aren’t willing to pay for the special service, or we are not allowed to offer it in your service area, then the request may regrettably be denied. This is done to ensure that rate payers who do not require special services are not penalized by having to pay higher rates for the special services requested by others who are capable and able-bodied.

Why else might special services or exemptions be denied?

If a can, cart or dumpster is situated dangerously close to vehicles or other property, you may be asked to relocate your container to an area where Recology is less likely to damage anyone’s property. Similarly, we will ask you to relocate your containers if we are servicing them in close proximity to people or animals. We don’t want anyone to get hurt!

You may also be asked to relocate your can, cart or dumpster if our drivers have to move heavy containers over unreasonable terrain or distances, as this could injure them.

So what’s the bottom line?

Unsafe situations could lead to accidents or injuries that could be expensive, or worse, result in personal tragedy. These costs end up being absorbed by rate payers, so the safer we can be, the lower our rates can be.

We look forward to working with you to make our environment and our services safe for everyone.

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