Life is a cabaret and also a Carnaval

Each one of us is entitled to a little joy, a little music, and a little acknowledgement.

It’s been said that ignorance about oneself is the root of all evil, and that culture is essential to our human-ness. After all, where would we be without little red envelopes for kids on Chinese New Year, kilts at sport events, or marigold plants on the Day of the Dead? Where would we be without fireworks on the fourth of July or balloons on our birthdays?

These cultural anchors are the markers of time. They give us time to breathe, relax, reflect and enjoy other people. And San Francisco is one of those unique places where this happens in abundance.

Take Carnaval for example. On May 27th, 2012, Memorial Day weekend, thousands of people poured out of buildings, jumped on their bikes, and huddled together along Bryant and Mission streets in the Mission District to be part of the San Francisco Carnaval Grand Parade, California’s largest multicultural celebration.

Carnaval is an annual phenomenon attended by and honors cultures from around the world. In its 33rd year, the theme was Spanning Borders; Bridging Cultures.

Recology, featuring the Drill Team, the Compostables, and Green Bin was there, planting the seeds for a greener future.

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