Need to throw away your old washing machine?

Recology in San Carlos picks up those giant items, like stoves, couches, and washing machines, that just don’t fit in your garbage can.

Twice a year, Recology provides single family residents of the city with a chance to get rid of those items free of charge.

What can we take?

  • Boxes, bundles or bags that are up to 3ft. x 3ft. x 6ft.
  • One large appliance, like a clothes dryer
  • One bulky item like a mattress and box spring
  • One piece of furniture like a desk
  • One e-waste item like a TV or microwave

The drivers can’t pick up loose items though, and you’ll need to schedule the pick up in advance.

Learn more about safe and responsible disposal of large items by visiting Recology San Carlo’s bulky item pickup service web page.

Schedule an appointment here.

4 Responses to “Need to throw away your old washing machine?

  • Great work buy the Recology in San Carlos to collect the unwanted old washing machine items to recycle it.

  • Its nice that Recology provides all family of the city with a chance to get rid of items to free of charge.

  • The best idea to recycle it inplace of throwing it or keep it in the store room as a wastage.

  • Good idea, I support this with the hope that it will be recycled

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