“Zéro déchet,” is it possible?


Everyone loves good food. But who knew the food we don’t eat would become a story in the country recognized by the United Nations as a true culinary leader?

On Thursday, 9.19.13, “Complément d’enquête,” the popular French news show modeled after 60 Minutes will air a 1-hour program on challenges Europe faces in dealing with trash. And what will steal the line up? San Francisco’s efforts to send next to nothing to landfill achieving zero waste.

The star of the report will be food from San Francisco. Not some amazing new dish from the great restaurants in San Francisco, sister city to Paris, but vegetable trimmings, fish bones, and all the other food scraps San Franciscans toss in the green compost collection bins we wheel out to the curb.

San Francisco’s urban compost collection program keeps materials out of landfills, returns nutrients to local farms, and helps farms grow healthy food that comes back to the city to support your good health.

The program is a driver in the zero waste movement, an international movement that is taking root in France, Italy and other countries that want to reduce landfilling and incineration by increasing both recycling and composting. This summer New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced plans introduce food scrap compost collection across the Big Apple.

The TV crew from France2 filmed recycling and compost collection in the Excelsior District, Recycle Central on Pier 96, Recology’s Jepson Prairie Organics compost facility, and a Napa County vineyard that for 12 years has applied compost made from food scraps collected in San Francisco.

Thursday, Sept. 19, 10:15 p.m., France TV2. You can watch the trailer here: http://www.france2.fr/emissions/complement-d-enquete/diffusions/19-09-2013_124112

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