The Great Compost Giveaway – April 12, 2014

Recology Compost Giveaway

9 Responses to “The Great Compost Giveaway – April 12, 2014

  • Christine Anderson
    7 years ago

    Postcard received this month promoting paper shredding & compost giveaway at Marina Green scheduled for today 3/15 but no one there. I’ve walked back home with my buckets. What happened?

    • Christine Anderson
      7 years ago

      I was in the wrong place at the other end of Marin Green. Thanks for the compost!

  • Marc Levin, M.D.
    7 years ago

    Do you provide compost bins for the kitchen that can be put out on pick up day?

    • Hi Marc, we won’t be handing out kitchen pails at the giveaway, but you can call your local customer service center to request one.

  • Christine Anderson
    6 years ago

    Will there be a shredding service at the Marina Green location on April 12?

  • When the giveaway compost will happen again?

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