SF Residents Can Recycle Old Clothes, Linens, and Other Textiles

Recology Textile RecyclingUnwanted or worn out clothes and other textiles, such as fabrics woven from thread or yarn, can be recycled through Recology’s RecycleMyJunk program. SF Residents can call (415) 330-1300 to schedule a pickup or email us through the “contact us” form on our website, RecycleMyJunk.com.

Our textile recycling program also accepts backpacks, purses, belts, and shoes. Recology will take all textiles, even if torn or ripped, as long as they are dry. When placing textiles by the curb for your scheduled pickup, please bundle them with string or place them in a box or bag clearly labeled “Textiles.”

RecycleMyJunk is an appointment-based program and part of the collection services we provide in San Francisco under City oversight. To view program rules go to RecycleMyJunk.com. Residential customers can now include boxes and bundles of textiles without them counting toward the per-collection item limit. Residential customers can also request “Textile Only” collections at no additional charge.

Recology donates textiles collected through the RecycleMyJunk program to St. Vincent de Paul Society, who sorts and re-purposes the materials.

4 Responses to “SF Residents Can Recycle Old Clothes, Linens, and Other Textiles

  • That’s a really nice program to provide things for people in need

  • Are pillows included in the textile bundle as part of a regular pickup? I know that sheets and towels are.

  • Diane Wynne
    4 years ago

    This is a brilliant addition to your programs. As a newly empty-nesting mother of three, our home is filled with much clothing and textiles that are soiled and/or torn that could not be passed on for use as designed; particularly white, stained items (I refuse to use products containing bleach or other cleaning agents that are harmful to the environment). I’ve already scheduled a textile pick-up months ago, and I intend to do more. Thank you!

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