Recology Celebrates Employee Ownership Month

ESOPThis October, Recology, along with the ESOP Association and the employee ownership community, will be celebrating Employee Ownership Month. We’re excited to share the incredible spirit of employee ownership with our customers and employees.

Employee Ownership Month is an opportunity for ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) companies across the U.S. to educate employee owners and the public about the benefits of ESOPs.

The Recology Ownership Celebration Committee (ROCC) celebrates by organizing annual raffles and fundraisers to support the ESOP and build employee ownership pride. Each year, the ROCC also honors outstanding employees with employee of the year awards.

Employee Ownership Facts:

  • There are approximately 10,000 ESOPs in place in the U.S., covering 10 million employees.
  • Total assets owned by U.S. ESOPs are estimated to be $869 billion.
  • The Economic Performance Survey conducted by the Employee Ownership Foundation
    in 2013 found that:
    – 71% indicated a better performance in 2013, relative to 2012
    – 78% indicated revenue increased in 2013
    – 70% indicated profitability increased in 2013

For more information on ESOPs and Employee Ownership Month, please visit The ESOP Association. 

Founded in 1921, Recology is a 100% employee-owned company dedicated to improving the environment by utilizing resources to their highest use. Recology is a member of the Washington, DC-based ESOP Association, and the California/Western States Chapter of the Association.


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