We Are Excited to Announce the Arrival of the Recology Bees

bees As part of the San Francisco Hotel Council’s Urban Bees Project, Recology has established a resident bee habitat at Recology Golden Gate in an effort to help sustain the local honey bee population.

We have paired up with Bee Well Productions and beekeeper, Roger Garrisonto, to set up and maintain our bee hives in the courtyard of our Recology Golden Gate office. The bees have acclimated well since they moved in September, and we can expect honey as soon as this spring!

This program is intended to help revive the declining honey bee populations and ensure a healthier bee population in San Francisco.

Fast facts About Honey Bees:

bees 3In the United States alone, more than 25 percent of the managed honey bee population has disappeared since 1990.

  • More than $15 billion a year in U.S. crops are pollinated by bees, including apples, berries, cantaloupes, cucumbers, alfalfa, and almonds.
  • Forging bees fly about 55,000 mile to produce 1 lb of honey, visiting around 2 million flowers.
  • Honey bees can fly up to 15 mph.
  • 1 honey bee makes about 1/12 of a tsp of honey in its lifetime.
  • Honey bees are the only insect that produces food eaten by humans.(Source: Bee Well Productions)

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