Ever Wonder What to do With Small Amounts of Cooking Oil?

STHDNB9LIPSmall amounts of cooking oil are compostable.

Ever wonder what to do with the used oil in the bottom of the frying pan after cooking eggs or fish?

We’ve got a lifehack that will make cleanup easy, save water, and benefit the environment.

The microorganisms in compost love fats and oils from the foods we eat. Microorganisms also love short paper fibers. We’ve got a tried-and-true method of combining those things to help make good compost and keep the kitchen clean:

Keep a half roll of toilet paper in your kitchen cabinet. When you have residual oil in a frying pan, wipe it out with a few sections of toilet paper. Then toss the oily paper in your kitchen compost pail. You will be amazed at how clean this gets the pan and how much water you save.

Adding small pieces of paper to your compost bin also helps control odors because the paper absorbs moisture. And local farmers will love you because you are helping make more and better compost.

One Response to “Ever Wonder What to do With Small Amounts of Cooking Oil?

  • Diane Wynne
    4 years ago

    This is wonderful to know! I’ve been doing this intuitively for years, yet I was unaware of how symbiotic the relationship of paper and oil is to composting.

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