Give Gifts That Create Happiness, Not Landfill

sfnewsletter1One of the great things about the holidays is giving someone a gift they truly enjoy. And if that gift comes without generating any trash, it is even better. The environmental side of gift giving is an important consideration. The amount of trash generated in San Francisco increases about 15 percent during the holidays. We can all do our part to reduce that number in our collective efforts to help protect the environment.  So rather than shopping for new products, which can come with a lot of packaging, much of it not recyclable, consider giving gifts that generate a lot of pleasure and no trash:

  • Tickets to a concert, play, sporting event, or a special show would keep the holiday spirit center stage throughout the year. This area offers opportunities for every taste — from symphony to rap to Broadway-quality performances, and so much more.sfnewsletter
  • Gift certificates to local restaurants present many wonderful possibilities as San Francisco is considered one of the best food cities in the nation.
  • A pass to a new art exhibit or even a membership to affiliated museums and cultural venues would be a terrific gift. San Francisco is blessed to be home to first-rate museums that host many notable exhibitions.
  • Vouchers for activities such as kayaking, culinary classes, bay cruises, and spa days can be personalized to make anyone’s wishes come true.
  • Favorite books to share, specialty foods, or homemade gifts crafted from recycled jars, fabrics, papers, and other items also can bring smiles to loved ones and friends.  Giving is often better than receiving, especially when the gifts we give provide special experiences that celebrate our city’s unique offerings and help San Francisco in its mission to reduce waste. That’s a present for us all.

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