Our Recovered Resources Blog intends to share the challenges and innovations that are shaping the waste and resource recovery industry.  This blog is an interactive way to explore the trends, ideas, and experiences of our employee owners, customers, and readers.

Recology is redefining the waste industry by finding new ways to process and reuse what was once considered waste – or, as we like to say, “achieving the best and highest use of all resources.” The mission of Recology represents a fundamental shift from traditional waste management. Recology strives to recover more recyclables so that the material can be repurposed into new products; we also place a high importance on transforming organics to nutrient-rich soil amendments or energy. By encouraging sustainable resource recovery practices nationally, Recology hopes to carry out our vision of a world without waste.

Our services include the collection and recovery of recyclables, organics, and refuse, as well as innovative solutions, technology, and marketing to extract the highest use of natural resources and to represent the Recology Resource Ecosystem Paradigm. The Recology business model is comprised of four components: Collection, Recovery, Processing, and Marketing.